Join the Creative Revolution…

As creatives we are constantly looking for that next thing that will impregnate our minds with new ideas or topics, making us never-ending creativity hunters.

If you are stuck on an idea or simply decided to incubate an idea for a while, we invite you to Join the Creative Revolution and search out of your element in places that you would rarely look for example, on the National Geographic website one can find amazing photographs, videos, and facts that will make your brain go AAAHHA!!

Another great place to search is within your local museum.  Here in Houston we count with numerous art museums and galleries that inspire, provoke, and many times makes us wish we had one of those pieces sitting at home to look and study in our spare time.

Until you find what inspires you, keep searching, keep imagining and thinking like a child and don’t stop drinking chocolate milk (it makes one feel much younger).

Welcome to our Creative Revolution!

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