Our greatest accomplishment comes from working with our clients through the creation of ideas and guiding them through as we accomplish solutions.


During the LEARN phase we meet with our clients to listen to their project’s vision and ideas. We ask questions and listen to their response as we take notes and learn about their industry and their needs. We gather information needed to facilitate the project’s advancement and precise timeline.




The EXPLORE phase is where we brainstorm in order to determine which design, web development, communication and research tool will be needed to obtain clear and successful results needed to fit the client’s needs.




In the CREATE phase we implement into our work the ideas and vision from the first two stages of our work process. Our team collaborates together to deliver professional and unique results for our client. During this phase the client is kept updated and informed during the process until launch.




For the TEST stage we work to make sure that the project works as discussed with the client. We encourage our clients to review the preliminary product prior to us launching it into the marketplace, in order to make sure our client is satisfied with the final product. If any tweaks need to be made, they are done during this stage.




The most exciting time for our clients is the LAUNCH stage. It is where our clients get to see how their vision and ideas have taken shape from the very first stage and are now a reality. It is an opportunity for our clients to begin showcasing their final product to the public.